Pheasant Dish

Quirky little ceramics designed to cheer. Hand crafted on the edge of Exmoor, Somerset, UK.

Hello and welcome to Nicola Mary Designs a small illustrated ceramics business on the edge of Exmoor 🙂 Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in the work.

A fascination with wildlife and flora lies at the heart of our ceramics. A love of drawing, painting and printmaking all combine together in the ceramic process. Hares, foxes, snowdrops, chickens among others feature in my work.

The method I use is straightforward from sketchbooks to final design, each piece is hand cut, sponged and decorated with coloured slip. Texture is added at this point, and then the piece is glazed and fired. I am experimenting with oxides and slips to achieve more subtle colours having until this point used commercial underglazes.

I have done my job as an artist if my ceramics bring happiness and warmth to the home and perhaps on a deeper level initiate debate on rural life.